Petition to Support the Newly Formed Union at Bandcamp

Bandcamp has been sold to Songtradr. This might possibly be a good thing but hard to know at this point. But right now things are up in the air for the Bandcamp staff and there is no clear word on their status and the status of their newly formed union. See and So […]

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Dittersdorf Concerto #2

I was happy to find a piano accompaniment for the Dittersdorf Concerto for Bass #2 on today. I have a student wanting to play it for an audition. It is generally played in D Major on the modern double bass with solo strings tuned up a step so the piano accompaniment and orchestra parts

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Links for 5/20/23  When governments give power to private corporate vigilantes then sometimes private citizen vigilantes need to strike back. Best thing about this story is the publicity these women got is likely to get the law changed for the better.  If the right keeps it up there won’t be any beers they can safely drink.

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I used to read a lot of science fiction. I wasn’t into the space battles stuff but the thoughtful and speculative stories. I think one of the first I read was Heinlein’s “Stranger In a Strange Land”. It was the 60’s. Says it all. Drifted away from sci-fi in the 80’s and later, as my

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‘Speriments With Modular Synthesis and Acoustic Instruments

Update 1/17/23: The video is still available online at the following: It is still viewable on Twitch until some time on Friday, Jan. 20, 2023 at It is still viewable on Youtube (and will remain there as far as I know) at ——- Original Post——– I’ve been working for the past few months

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