Juzek Bass for Sale

1931 John Juzek Bass
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Flat back, gamba corners
3/4 (standard) size – 41 in. string length.
Restored by John Pringle and Robbie Link.
Original finish was over-coated at some point. We removed the back, secured or replaced all bracing and patches and re-lined the center seam of the back. Some decorative purfling on the upper part of the back has been lost or damaged and the neck block is pinned through the button with wooden dowels. The instrument is completely stable and plays well.
Asking $4,000 not including case or bow.
Local pickup only – Chapel Hill area, NC.

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Radio Around the World

I had totally forgotten about Radio Garden. Just spin the globe and listen! Zoom in and see the streets where your music is coming from.

“Radio Garden invites you to tune into thousands of live radio stations across the globe.

By bringing distant voices close, radio connects people and places. From its very beginning, radio signals have crossed borders. Radio makers and listeners have imagined both connecting with distant cultures, as well as re-connecting with people from ‘home’ from thousands of miles away.”

Deep Listening

I often tell my students to “listen deeper”. The more you practice, the better you get IF you are listening to what you’re doing. It starts out simply – listen to your tone, your intonation, your rhythm. The more you listen, the more you hear aspects of your playing that are possibly not what you intended. You carry this further into dynamics and phrasing and articulation. There is no end. You can always listen deeper and hear more things to improve. And then you carry this out into the world and you notice more of the world around you – the tone of someone’s voice, a color in the leaves, a bird call you never heard before, the sound of a bicycle going past your house.

But enough of that – there’s always the Deep Listening Bot on Twitter to stir your imagination.

Favorite Bike Bell

OK – I love sound and quality, interesting sound. So – after a ride on the Neuse River Greenway last year calling out “on your left” to the walkers and joggers I passed I walked into the bike shop at the head of the trail just below the Neuse River Dam and they had a bell sound when the door opened to alert them to customers entering. It was a beautiful, sustained ringing sound. I said “I want a bike bell that sounds like that!” Unfortunately, while they had one in stock that sounded pretty close to that it did not fit my handlebars so when I got home I searched online and found the perfect bike bell. Here it is. You can listen to the sound of it on their website. Compact and beautiful – but the main thing is the sound. No more calling out as you pass folks. Cheer them up with a beautiful, angelic ringing tone. 

Streaming to Concert Window with an Android Phone

10/20/19 UPDATE: Concert Window has closed down!

Concert Window is a platform for broadcasting performances live online. You can broadcast from a laptop or desktop computer using the site’s built-in broadcasting software without downloading any external programs. Concert Window is the most flexible live broadcasting platform on the internet that allows artists to interact with fans, sell merchandise and receive tips in real time. The platform supports multi-mic/multi-camera productions as well as smaller setups, or simply using your laptop’s built-in camera and mic. Most shows are broadcast from more intimate spaces. Shows can be set to be free, “Pay What You Want” ($1 minimum) or have a set ticket price. Viewers can tip while the show is in progress. They add up all the revenue after the show and send you 70%. They keep 30%. They pay you via PayPal (or check) within 24 hours of the show’s completion. You can play as often as you like for as long as you like.

I have friends on Ocracoke Island who regularly stream their concerts from the island to viewers all over the world. The Concert Window site is bare bones but the streaming quality is fairly good (depending on your source device). They only have an iOS app – no Android app but you can stream from any device using the rtmp protocol. Concert Window tech support is no help on this but after many trials and errors I have finally found a setup that works for me on my Android phone. I got it to work using two different apps: Larix Broadcaster and Streamlabs.

The problem is that Concert Window gives you confusing information when you set up a stream and it’s hard to figure out what to put in what field in your streaming app setup. AND – it’s different for each app. So, first for Larix Broadcaster – the one I have chosen to use. The first paragraph of THIS POST tells you everything you need to know.

So for this RTMP URL that concert window gives me (changed the names): rtmp://ipaddress:port#/origin/_definst_/stream-cw-wowza-web-number-number-production

and this STREAM NAME: stream-cw-wowza-web-number-number-production?username=user-username&password=password&startRecord=1

You will add everything from the “?” in the STREAM NAME except for the &startRecord=1 part  to the end of the RTMP URL and you will get this:


You put that in the Connection URL field of your RTMP connection in Larix and that’s all. Leave everything else blank. You should be able to connect to Concert Window now.

For Streamlabs app you will put the rtmp://ipaddress:port#/origin part in the URL field – that is everything before the “_definst_” part (we won’t use that) and put the rest (except _definst_ and the &startRecord=1 part) in the Stream Key field so that would be stream-cw-wowza-web-number-number-production?username=user-username&password=password

OK – hope this helps. Concert Window tech support basically said “we can’t help you with that”.




A Sweet Short Bio

One of the things every performing musician needs is a good, short bio for programs, publicity, etc. Who is really terrible at writing good short bios? Most musicians, that’s who. I was more comfortable writing a whole page about my evolution and experience as a musician but always struggle with a concise, informative short bio. Friend and fellow musician Mary Rocap wrote this (partially extracted from info on this site and partially from herself) for a program I’m playing for her:

Robbie Link is the Triangle’s go-to double bass player. His expertise and experience are legendary. He is a much sought after session player, teacher, and collaborator. In the academic world he has taught double bass at East Carolina, UNC/ Chapel Hill, Duke and for 30 years taught bass and cello and coached the young ensembles at the Duke University Pre-Collegiate String School.

I think she did a pretty good job. Thanks, Mary!

What I’m Listening To

If you’re a Google Play Music subscriber you can listen to my playlist here: Robbie’s Mix

It’s a varied collection of things I’ve enjoyed listening to over the years – though there are many more things I’ve enjoyed listening to. These are just the ones I happened to save to this Google Playlist. I always listen to it in “shuffle” mode, though. I prefer to jump from one genre to another and be surprised.