Social Media? Onward!

tl;dr Last updated: 11/7/22 – I’ll be updating this post soon with more info so stay tuned! Email: If you don’t already have my email you can write me via this form. When I reply you’ll have my email and I’ll have yours! It’s an even trade. You can also request my phone number, too. Upcoming

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A Day On The Water

Saturday was a gorgeous day for kayaking. Mostly overcast with big puffy clouds, moderate temps, and the water surface an almost perfect mirror of the sky. We put in at the Hickory Hill Boating Access Area not far from I-85 off of Redwood Rd. For years we’ve used the Eno River Boat Launch near Treyburn

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The Size of Everything

OK, where else can you find the size of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sandbag and how to fill and stack it, how to measure for a horse collar for pulling a plow, the size and scoring of an archery target, tables for printing font sizes, the temperature rating for different sizes of segar

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The Death of Tape

Well, at least the death of the creator of the cassette tape: Lou Ottens recently passed away. Which got me thinking about needing to digitize those few cassettes I have left. No, not the ones you can still buy vinyl for or CD’s, but home recordings. But then that got me thinking about how old

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Today’s Earworm

Woke up with Brad Mehldau’s “Don’t Be Sad” going through my head. It’s one that can easily propagate itself endlessly if you need a little melody to keep your mind occupied. I love it for the turns it takes.

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