But the computer says…

I’ve often heard complaints from folks in various industries and in the arts about the dismal state of our education system that fails to teach children to think for themselves, to creatively problem solve, and consider solutions outside of the “normal” way of doing things. I’ve seen some of this over the years and I’m not convinced it’s entirely the fault of our education system but more a symptom of our society always looking for a quick fix (and there always being one available for a price). If it breaks, call the repairman. And computers and our reliance on them is a big part of that problem. (Ouch! – My keyboard just gave me a shock!!!)

Long forgotten is the concept of Garbage In, Garbage Out. Nobody considers that anymore. It’s just “the computer says” so….   (cue voice of god)

Today I got to experience that at one of my favorite pick-up-a-quick-healthy-meal venues, Saladelia. I have nothing bad to say about Saladelia – the food, the service, etc., etc., etc. BUT – well – they have their nifty little computer terminals at the checkout counter now that apparently communicate directly to the kitchen which is all of 20 feet away with an open window to the checkout area. People are constantly going back and forth so actual human interaction and communication is good and easy. I placed my to go  order with the nice young man at the counter and perhaps distracted him with some small talk because when I paid he handed me one of those put-this-on-your-table numbers. So I reminded him that this was actually a to go order and he got a worried look on his face and simply said “I’m sorry” and pointed to his computer terminal and that appeared to be the end of it. I was confused and asked him if maybe there was a different price since it was to go and he looked even more worried and pointed to the computer again (I can’t see the screen) so I said “you’ll change it to “to go”, right?” and he looked even more worried and then got that “I just had a brilliant idea” look on his face and said “Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll get you a to go box and when your meal comes you can just put everything in it and you’ll be all set.”

Now everything I ordered is in the salad display area at the checkout counter so it’s not like someone’s already preparing a meal for me back in the kitchen. Someone behind the counter actually has to fill my plate from the display and no one is doing that. There are several people standing around and I can’t imagine that they haven’t heard this exchange. So I go sit at a table with my little number and after about 5 minutes the girl who was standing next to the guy who checked me out fills a plate from the display and brings it to my table. I quickly scrape it all into my to go box and leave.

Perhaps the computer keeps tabs on the number of dishes that need to be washed and the number of to go boxes that are used. No? No. The computer says it’s “dine in” so the minions have to follow what the computer says. No one can say to the person standing next to them “this guy meant to have take out so just put it in a take out box instead of on a plate, ok?” I mean, the computer is always right, right?

Deep Valley Drifters in Chapel Hill on 03/26/17

The Deep Valley Drifters (Ted Ehrhard and Maria Fairchild) present their first house concert of the season. Join us for an exciting afternoon of traditional and original songs and tunes — fiddle, banjo, guitar, and more, with special guest Robbie Link on cello and bass. Location: 741 Pinehurst Dr., Chapel Hill (just south of Ephesus Church Rd, east of US 15-501, opposite Eastgate Shopping Center). Suggested donation $10.

Out on the Eno

Had a nice morning out on the Eno River with my daughter Alicia

Daughter Alicia in my old hat she doesn’t like
Saw the usual great blue herons, the river was higher than I expected. Found these sweet smelling flowers
Found these along the river today – very sweet smelling!









and as usual totally captivated by the reflections in the river. 

I’m obsessed with reflections on the water!


And found some good feathers.







Totally satisfying morning!

Read At Your Own Risk

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Meeting of Great Minds

This important meeting started yesterday evening.





Things didn’t start to break up until noon today.

UPDATE 8/17 – they went back to their huddle for most of today and late this evening spread out again although tonight I could only find five of them.
Friend Sue sent this link about the harvestmen – kind of related.

The Red Priest of Venice

Music by Antonio Vivaldi and women’s composers of the Ospedale
The Concert Singers of Cary Symphonic & Chamber Choirs
With the Mallarmé Chamber Players and guest conductor Dr. Nathan Leaf

Saturday, March 25th, at 7:30 PM
St. Francis United Methodist Church (2965 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary)

Join us for an evening of music by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi as well as women composers from the Baroque.

North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble in Carrboro on 06/09/17

North Carolina
Rhythm Tap Festival ’17
Friday, June 9th
9:00 am through
Sunday, June 11th

Sponsored by the
North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble

Featuring Faculty Artists:
Elizabeth Burke
Michelle Dorrance
Derick Grant
Sarah Reich
Nicholas Van Young
Dianne Walker

“The Greatest Tap Show Ever”
Faculty/Artist performance
ArtsCenter on
FRIDAY, June 9, 2017 – 7:30pm
(Note the schedule change from previous years!)
Mark Wells – Piano
Robbie Link – Bass
John Hanks – Drums

Jazz @ The Eddy Pub with Alison Weiner and Robbie Link

This is our regular Tuesday (the weekend begins today!) evening romp through our favorite jazz tunes and songs in the beautiful Eddy Pub in Saxapahaw right on the Haw River. Alison is there every Tuesday and I’m there approximately every other Tuesday (check my calendar for when). Piano, bass, vocals. 1/2 price bottles of wine, excellent food using many local ingredients, great view, wonderful folks. Come join us!

Jim Roberts in Carrboro on 02/25/17

Jim RobertsJazz Saturdays w/ Jim Roberts, Robbie Link, and Chip Newton

Sat 2/25/2017 2:00p – 4:00p
Where:The Station
201 East Main Street
Carrboro, NC 27510
Weekly live jazz concert series.

Bar opens at noon
Jazz from 2pm until 4pm
Free | All ages welcome