Bach Sinfonia Records Bach Motets

Earlier this year I recorded the Bach Motets with the Bach Sinfonia, a period instrument group based in the DC area. I played the continuo part on the violone along with the organist. Dorian Records is putting out the CD this month (I have my copy!) on the Sono Luminus label and they have recently released some video of the recording session with a very interesting interview with the conductor, Daniel Abraham. The video is on Youtube and I’ve embedded them here, also (it’s in three parts).

I recommend listening to the entire interview but if you only want to hear and see the ensemble I’ve listed the times of the music features:

Video 1 – 1:19, 2:46, 4:00

Video 2 – 0:56, 1:39, 3:15

Video 3 has the most music – Beginning, 1:58, 3:33, 6:00, 7:56