SOLD “Baroque” Cello for Sale

Sold – thanks!

TL;DR – 4/4 Used cello partially set up for “Baroque” style playing:

  • Cello only as is – ready to play – $800
  •  Optional used Mooradian Deluxe Case (padded bag, very good quality) in very good condition – $150
  • Optional not-really-a-cello-bow – no-name baroque style bow, short stick, very light but it plays – $40
  • Optional return to “modern” set up: endpin, bridge, tailpiece – $200 plus strings
    •  Note: In my opinion this cello sounds better with gut strings which is probably what was used when it was built.
  • Read on for more and for pics and sound

So this is what I call my “fake” Baroque cello. It is most likely an early 20th century, probably German made, standard full size cello. It has no label. It is currently set up with a Baroque style end button (no endpin), tailpiece, and bridge all made by John Pringle. Strung with Pirastro Chorda gut strings tuned at A = 415. No other alterations were done. Typically, converting a modern instrument to “Baroque” style would also involve lowering the neck angle but that was not done here. So the instrument is easily converted back to “modern” set up.

I used this instrument in various Baroque ensembles over the last 20 years and it has also been on loan to other modern cellists who needed a Baroque set up for period instrument performances. It has a pleasing sound, not very loud. It is easy to play.

Some pictures:


And a short video here: