Bernie Petteway Trio Video

The Trio will be in Pittsboro this Thursday (Nov. 6th) at the General Store Cafe. It will be our last show of the year so come on out. In case you’ve never seen or heard us we have some video on Youtube now you can check out.

Last year Linda Booker asked us if we were interested in doing a music video. Nothing fancy, just a simple one camera shoot. She told us she wanted to make a surprise music DVD as a Christmas gift for her husband. He apparently likes the band, and comes to see us often at the General Store Cafe. Linda is a documentary filmmaker ( based in Pittsboro. Her most recent work is called, “Love Lived on Death Row”, which is being shown all across the country to critical acclaim. With one camera, a 16-channel mixer, and a hand full of microphones, she did a GREAT job! Now she’s ready to try her hand at more music style videos!

Ed has edited the video and posted individual tunes on Youtube and I’ve embedded them here, too.