Best Phone, Best Service (Do Good in the World)

It’s always nice to find out I made a good choice. When I signed up with a new carrier and had the option for a free phone did I choose the newest model? No! After some research I chose the previous year’s model – the Samsung Galaxy S7. And now it’s still getting good reviews.

And the carrier? Formerly known as Working Assets and now Credo Mobile, this company donates a portion of profits to good causes and you get to vote on which organizations get the money. Since 1985 they’ve donated over 86 million dollars to progressive organizations. They currently run on the Verizon network (yes, there is considerable irony there) and the service is excellent as are the plan options. 

So, I got a great phone for free (that’s still great) and I’m doing good in the world. And if you sign up for service with this link we’ll both get some extra benefits, too.