Bobby McFerrin at Duke

The always amazing Bobby McFerrin was at Duke last week. This was the second time I’d seen/heard him in concert. The first time must have been at least 15 years ago and I was so stunned by what seemed to me at the time to be just plain too much talent that I don’t think I saw him as a human being at all. Over the years, hearing him on the radio with Yo Yo Ma and Chick Corea and his solo work I’ve gotten more used to the idea that a being from this planet can do all that he does and even have a great sense of humor. It was brought even more down to earth at Duke when after some beautiful solo pieces he called up the newly formed Durham Children’s Choir (directed by Scott Hill) for a couple of pieces of theirs (he joined in) and then he got up and directed them in a kind of call and response of “Bobby sounds”. They so quickly, naturally, and enthusiastically performed this totally spontaneous piece he directed them in that I realized that his immense talent is natural and human and that any one of these kids could be the next Bobby McFerrin. The concert was fun, heartwarming, and full of surprises. Plus the music was great. His website is a lot of fun, too. Check it out.