Deep Thoughts ;)

Well, at least sort of deep.

Lose the Earbuds!

From Peter Sagal’s book “The Incomplete Book of Running” I have a friend who wears headphones on long solo runs because, he says, “I can’t spend that much time alone in my head.” I disagree. He can, and he should. Spending that much time inside one’s head, along with the voices and the bats hanging

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The Age of Aquarius?

Was reminded of this song this morning: Which got me wondering if we were there yet. Hmmm, looks like you can take your pick – Although if this IS the Age of Aquarius then I’m afraid that this interpretation listed (among others) in Wikipedia is probably the correct one: Proponents of medieval astrology suggest that

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What do those who struggle against power do when they seize power? What does the revolutionary do when the revolution triumphs? Why do those who call for independence and freedom take away the independence and freedom of others? And is it sane or insane to believe, as so many around us apparently do, in nothing?

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