‘Speriments With Modular Synthesis and Acoustic Instruments

Update 1/17/23: The video is still available online at the following: It is still viewable on Twitch until some time on Friday, Jan. 20, 2023 at It is still viewable on Youtube (and will remain there as far as I know) at ——- Original Post——– I’ve been working for the past few months …

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The Death of Tape

Well, at least the death of the creator of the cassette tape: Lou Ottens recently passed away. Which got me thinking about needing to digitize those few cassettes I have left. No, not the ones you can still buy vinyl for or CD’s, but home recordings. But then that got me thinking about how old …

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Today’s Earworm

Woke up with Brad Mehldau’s “Don’t Be Sad” going through my head. It’s one that can easily propagate itself endlessly if you need a little melody to keep your mind occupied. I love it for the turns it takes.

Music for “Bamboo Wind”

This music was commissioned by Shaleigh Dance Works for a 7 Canto cycle based on poems by Coke Ariail involving dancers, actors and one musician – me. They specifically requested cello which is not my main instrument and also the length of the piece required far more texture than I could achieve playing solo cello …

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