Robbie Link

Robbie Link

Musician – Performer, instructor

Blast from the Past 2

Trumpeter Brian McCune posted this recording from 1988 with me, him, Scott Sawyer, and the late David Via. He found it on a cassette tape. and here’s another one – Dolphin Dance Round Midnight

John Simonetti – Bass

Multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist John Simonetti performs regularly with the NC Theater, DPAC’s touring Broadway shows, and many local groups.  He has performed with many of the jazz greats in NY and abroad.  

Prince Taylor – Vocalist

Former lead singer of Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts, Prince Taylor is a masterful jazz stylist.  A Chapel Hill native, Prince’s lush baritone is music to the ears of all his followers.

Message of the Day

No one saves us but ourselves.