Robbie Link

Robbie Link

Musician – Performer, instructor

The Closet Soloist (Diva Wannabe)

As a bassist I spend most of my musical life as an accompanist. It’s a special skill and one I quite enjoy – doing everything I can to make other musicians sound good. In a jazz setting I frequently get to “solo” – to improvise melodies while others accompany me – but most of the time it’s laying down the harmonic foundation and playing with the right nuance and subtlety to allow the “real” soloists (vocalists, violinists, saxophonists, etc.) to shine through. It has been said that every bassist is a closet cellist – that instrument that imitates the sound and range of the human voice more than any other. And it is true, I have….

My New Favorite Band Name

Durham based Killer Sheep win the prize. Unfortunately they are not the first to use that name but it’s a good one. Apparently no website yet but the link is to a Facebook event they posted.

A Little Footage

Some video from a recent house concert – jazz. Mahalo Arts ensemble. Usually Doug Largent plays with this group but he was out of town so Alison asked me to join them. Thanks Alison!

Message of the Day

No one saves us but ourselves.