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To Stack Rocks or Not?

From the Eno River Association: Most parks encourage visitors to follow the principles of Leave No Trace, but there is a lesser known aspect of Leave No Trace related to lesser known critters. In rivers, the rocks, gravel and sand provide habitat for a great diversity of aquatic life forms. Plants that grow on the […]

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Meeting of Great Minds

This important meeting started yesterday evening. Things didn’t start to break up until noon today. UPDATE 8/17 – they went back to their huddle for most of today and late this evening spread out again although tonight I could only find five of them. Friend Sue sent this link about the harvestmen – kind of

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I always wondered if birds sought out places that made their singing sound better like musicians do. The first one is a wren perched just outside the Bryan Center parking deck on Duke West Campus. The song reverberates through the entire parking deck. The second one is singing just above the courtyard of the nursing

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Big Stinking Flowers

The University of Wisconsin is home to a Corpse Flower which only blooms a couple of times in its 40 year lifetime. It’s blooming now. Pictures here: Titan Arum Blooming 2005 Live Video Broadcast They say it smells “real bad”. edit: the live video link is gone but there is a lot of info on

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Noisy New Flyers

What a racket this morning! Not that I minded. Apparently both the wrens and the chickadees decided it was a good day for flying lessons. I didn’t check but I suspect the wren family was the same one that had taken up residence in my kayak. I mostly heard them barking out their warnings and

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Violin Beasties

I’m a little behind on things (yeah, things get in the way….) and generally what’s out of sight is out of mind so every now and then somebody does something to nudge me along. My daughter is on spring break (Spring! Where?) from college and so sent this picture from her mom’s house perhaps to

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Beech Blight Aphids

Finally some answers to my beech tree beastie questions! Check out these links: 1. Insect Images  2. Beech Blight Aphid 3.The Harvester Butterfly larva eat them. The American Beech Fungus grows on the “honeydew” (Aphid Sh*t?) that drips on the branches and on the ground around the tree. Thanks to Doug Sprouse of the Triangle Land Conservancy

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