Useful tech info I’ve gathered.

About Tech

I have been a closet geek ever since getting in trouble for taking apart the family lawn mower and, uh, well, not exactly fixing it so it would run again. But I DID get the broken washing machine running again not too long after that. I remember getting my first copy of “How to Fix …

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The Size of Everything

OK, where else can you find the size of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sandbag and how to fill and stack it, how to measure for a horse collar for pulling a plow, the size and scoring of an archery target, tables for printing font sizes, the temperature rating for different sizes of segar …

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Streaming to Concert Window with an Android Phone

10/20/19 UPDATE: Concert Window has closed down! Concert Window is a platform for broadcasting performances live online. You can broadcast from a laptop or desktop computer using the site’s built-in broadcasting software without downloading any external programs. Concert Window is the most flexible live broadcasting platform on the internet that allows artists to interact with …

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Social Networking

Always interested in social networking and the various platforms that appear/disappear regularly. Update for 2020: I’ve left most of these networks (moved them to the bottom of the list) but still on: Twitter, of course. Useful especially for quick info on unfolding events. I subscribe to various state feeds relating to travel conditions as well …

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