Digitech JamMan Solo XT file import

Wasted almost an hour trying to find help on the web for importing music files from PC to the JamMan SoloXT loop pedal by Digitech. The pedal manual only has a short paragraph on using the PC software called JamManagerXT with a link to instructions on the Digitech site which is a dead link. The “help” menu item in the software links to the same dead link. Searching Digitech’s site showed no help files.

So – just in case it’s not obvious to you (it sure wasn’t obvious to me) you can’t drag and drop or copy and paste a sound file into a playlist in the JamManager software. You have to click on “library” and drag/drop or copy/paste there and then copy/paste from the library to the playlist. The file has to be a 16 bit, 44.1 kHz stereo file.  (older JamMan pedals required a mono file). Be sure to copy the playlist to the device from the software! 

Hope this helps….