Favorite Bike Bell

OK – I love sound and quality, interesting sound. So – after a ride on the Neuse River Greenway last year calling out “on your left” to the walkers and joggers I passed I walked into the bike shop at the head of the trail just below the Neuse River Dam and they had a bell sound when the door opened to alert them to customers entering. It was a beautiful, sustained ringing sound. I said “I want a bike bell that sounds like that!” Unfortunately, while they had one in stock that sounded pretty close to that it did not fit my handlebars so when I got home I searched online and found the perfect bike bell. Here it is. You can listen to the sound of it on their website. Compact and beautiful – but the main thing is the sound. No more calling out as you pass folks. Cheer them up with a beautiful, angelic ringing tone.