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Blogs or Weblogs have been around since the 90’s. And a popular form of blog was (and still is) the Linkblog. Instead of it being a online diary or a series or articles about an area of interest or expertise, a linkblog is basically a list of links to other websites that the poster finds interesting and wants to share. Often some commentary or description is included. Not to be confused with a blogroll which is basically an “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” list of links; meaning you and I have agreed to post links to each others website in order to generate more traffic.

At any rate – I’ve occasionally posted interesting links on this site in the past. They’re mixed in with my regular blog posts. But I end up bookmarking a lot more things of interest so have decided to start sharing them here a few times a week as I find them.

Links for 5-22-2023

  • Thanks to Paul Jones for posting a link to it on Mastodon. Just these 3 lines and I knew I had to read the whole thing:

    She raised a shy hand and I called her name.
    Then she said a line I still repeat today:
    a window and a mirror are the same.

  • Which reminds me of the poetry resource I enjoy getting their free daily poem in my email.

  • I get newsletters – several – for getting news or a deeper insight into the news plus learning new things. A current fave is the daily “Letters From an American” by Heather Cox Richardson. Here’s a particularly good example:

  • My favorite linkblog: Cory Doctorow’s Something for everybody and always interesting!

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Links for 5/20/23  When governments give power to private corporate vigilantes then sometimes private citizen vigilantes need to strike back. Best thing about this story is the publicity these women got is likely to get the law changed for the better.  If the right keeps it up there won’t be any beers they can safely drink.  Citizen science to help combat corporate trashing of neighborhoods. #Amazon

#TIL To create a code block in Markdown put 3 backticks on the line above and below the code. Not to be confused with the single quote mark. The backtick is the symbol under the tilde on most computer keyboards.

Today’s #TuneADay Just a short spontaneous improv on #violone

#MOTD  When you know something, really know a lot about something, and take pride in that, it can blind you to everything else.

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