A Blog – Kinda-Sorta

I guess when you stitch together all the posts you’ve put together over the years it’s called a “blog”.

Sporadic writing on this website from newest to oldest

It’s Only Love

In 2016 North Carolina passed HB2 otherwise known as “The Bathroom Bill”. Thankfully, it was…

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Links for 5-22-2023

http://www.frostfarmpoetry.org/prize Thanks to Paul Jones for posting a link to it on Mastodon. Just these…

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Links for 5/20/23

https://www.npr.org/2023/05/16/1176175801/boot-girls-atlanta-private-parking-enforcement  When governments give power to private corporate vigilantes then sometimes private citizen vigilantes need…

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I used to read a lot of science fiction. I wasn’t into the space battles…

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