A Blog – Kinda-Sorta

I guess when you stitch together all the posts you’ve put together over the years it’s called a “blog”.

Sporadic writing on this website from newest to oldest – plus a bonus Twitter feed.

To Scent or Not to Scent

MOTD I am blessed/cursed! with a very sensitive nose. It is sometimes useful when, for instance, I smelled gas when walking on the sidewalk near my …
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The Death of Tape

Well, at least the death of the creator of the cassette tape: Lou Ottens recently passed away. Which got me thinking about needing to digitize …
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This Word Does Not Exist

Refresh this web page to see a word that does not exist (maybe it should?) and its definition. Created by a machine learning algorithm and …
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Today’s Earworm

Woke up with Brad Mehldau’s “Don’t Be Sad” going through my head. It’s one that can easily propagate itself endlessly if you need a little …
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