Noisy New Flyers

What a racket this morning! Not that I minded. Apparently both the wrens and the chickadees decided it was a good day for flying lessons. I didn’t check but I suspect the wren family was the same one that had taken up residence in my kayak. I mostly heard them barking out their warnings and instructions. But the chickadees were like a circus act. It sounded like someone was tickling a family of munchkins. The parents flying back and forth to the several young who were doing high-wire acts of daring-do. A simple flight of 2 or 3 feet from one bouncy leaf to another would result in a miss and a fall and tumble to the next leaf only to result in a dramatic recovery on some thin twig that would bend and spring the young one off to another leaf which she would then somehow catch on the underside and spring off to yet another leaf and then a short flight to a higher branch and the whole routine would start again. All the while the parents are bringing tasty morsals and shouting encouragement. I tried to take pictures (this was all right outside my window less than 10 feet away) but I couldn’t even follow their antics with the camera. Great fun, though! Wished I’d had a free disc in my recorder – the chatter was almost as good as the visuals. But I’d filled it up at a gig last week and haven’t had time to off load it.