Social Media? Onward!


Last updated: 11/7/22 – I’ll be updating this post soon with more info so stay tuned!

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Social Media? – sorry, you’ll have to read to the end to find that out!

The rest of it….

I joined Facebook in 2007 and before long had over 1000 followers – over 90% of them musicians I had either played with in the past or was currently playing with. Most of them found me – I would only occasionally seek out new “friends” on the platform. There were a few high school classmates, no college friends, and only a handful of family members. In the last couple of years a few non-musicians in the community who had heard me perform started following.

All in all it was a nice community of folks – I think in all those years I only “unfriended” 3 or 4 people who were posting such senseless stupid stuff that I couldn’t imagine why I would want to associate with them in any way. Oh, and one person who must have spent her entire days playing games on the platform and sharing them in her newsfeed. There were the obvious fake accounts that tried to friend me that I declined. But that was the extent of the people problems. It was nice to get little slices of life from far away friends and old acquaintances – even their favorite recipes and cute cat pics. I can’t really say that I saw any benefit to the marketing aspect of having a FB account as an artist and the “pages” part was even worse. Very limited interface and the audience reach is pretty abysmal unless you pay them money and friends who have tried that route had nothing good to say about it. So, for me it was just the social aspect that had any benefit.

No, the reason I have left is the platform itself – and the people who run it.  I don’t need to rehash all that’s been in the news about the privacy breaches and the censorship and manipulation and the sheer arrogance of the founders of the company. And those are just some of the facts of life in our corporate controlled country. There aren’t always easy alternatives to doing business with an evil company or entire industry but Facebook is by no means a necessary evil. I think no further explanation is needed here.

So, this is just to let my friends and followers know that I’d love to stay in touch and I’d love to be able to let you know what I’m up to if you’re interested. The basic contact info is at the top of this post. But I am still active on some other platforms – not much but some. And things could change but currently, if you want to find me elsewhere:

robbielink on Twitter  – It is what it is and sometimes it’s actually useful. UPDATE: LEAVING TWITTER FOR MASTODON where I am  but you can follow me from any of the 1000’s of instances in the Fediverse – More to say about this soon.

robbielink at SubscribeStar – Oh, joy! Now you are able to contribute to my well being and happiness! Haven’t posted much there yet but keep checking in (and subscribe!). I mean, do you know how much bass strings cost???

You will also find me at Youtube and occasional writings on Medium, although that content is usually duplicated here.

OK – I hope to be hearing from a lot of you in the near future. Peace,