Out of Pandemic Retirement?

I was starting to feel like the guy who showed up at the office one day and they said “You’ve hit the mandatory age for retirement. Here’s your embossed pen and a paperweight with the company logo. Have your desk cleaned out by noon and security will escort you out.” I knew I shouldn’t have lied about my age when I signed on. Anyway – aside from a few socially distanced and masked video recording sessions for public consumption on the web I haven’t played a gig since March 2020. But Jerry Brown from the Rubber Room called me the other day about doing a session for him. Hurray! I’ve probably done a hundred sessions for Jerry over the years but nothing since January 2020. It will be a singer/songwriter – Americana/Folk – he didn’t say who. Doesn’t matter. Back in the saddle. I love recording. Love hearing a song for the first time and just going with the feel of it and it’s almost always right. Sometimes Jerry or the songwriter will have a different idea and that’s fine. We can do that! But I’m happiest when I can just follow my intuition. “This” is what this song needs. OK – time to start practicing again!