Pandemic Updates: Performances, Lessons, Resources

First off, I have to say this. I try to avoid making this website too political. But this is important.

I left Facebook a year ago. I miss seeing my friends there. But I knew it was a bad place. And now, you need to leave, too. Yeah, I know all your friends are there but you’re cavorting with the devil and you are contributing to the problem. Sorry – you need to leave. NOW! Read this article, please! #LeaveFacebook #Facebook


All lessons are online for now. For the time being I’m offering lessons for a flat $40 – an hour more or less. More about lessons here. And you can use the contact form to get in touch.

This is actually a great time to be taking lessons! Plenty of time at home, we all need music to cheer us up. And we all need something productive to do that feels good and makes others feel good. Online lessons are working out very well – it only took a few weeks for music teachers to figure out how to tweak the software to get a good sound. I can give you detailed instructions when you sign up. The online software is easy to use and free! I offer lessons via Zoom or through your browser using a version of Jitsi that I host on my website (the sound is a little better than Zoom). You only need a computer/laptop with a webcam/microphone. You can also use a smartphone. Most phones now have good cameras and microphones.


From time to time I will be doing live-streamed events and will post them on my Upcoming Performances page.


Here’s a list of livestreaming Jazz Performances generated by Jazz Near You

For a more local list of online performances check out this list put out by the Triangle Music Collective.

The Triangle On The Cheap events calendar features free and cheap things to do every day in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and elsewhere in the Triangle.