Petition to Support the Newly Formed Union at Bandcamp

Bandcamp has been sold to Songtradr. This might possibly be a good thing but hard to know at this point. But right now things are up in the air for the Bandcamp staff and there is no clear word on their status and the status of their newly formed union. See and

So here is a petition to request that Songtradr recognize and negotiate with the union.

To: Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshire
From: [Your Name]

I support Bandcamp workers in calling for Paul Wiltshire to recognize the existing union, offer employment to all Bandcamp employees, and continue bargaining in good faith. Workers make Bandcamp the beloved platform it is today, and Bandcamp will not be the same unless workers are valued and their rights to a seat at the table are upheld at this moment.

It is time for clarity and certainty for all Bandcamp workers so that Bandcamp can continue to serve its artists first mission, or as CEO Paul Wiltshire has said: “There’s not a need to change [Bandcamp] into anything other than what it is.”