A published recording that I perform on.

Peace Chant – Raw, Deep and Spiritual Jazz Vol​​.​​4

Artist, Ensemble: Brother Yu Sextet
I’m Playing: Bass
Record Label: Tramp Records
Release Date: 2020


Peace Chant Album CoverOne tune from a live show I put on at The Station in Carrboro, NC during the Summer of 2016 honoring the music of Brother Yusuf Salim and Bus Brown. Honored to have this track selected by Tobias at Tramp Records for inclusion in this very interesting and funky collection of various artists. The track is “Freedom” written by Bus Brown and sung here by Steve Wing (with a slight update to the lyrics near the end!). The lineup is not listed in the liner notes so here ’tis:

Steve Wing – piano, vocals

Jim Ketch – trumpet

Tim Smith – tenor sax

Keenan McKenzie – baritone sax

Robbie Link – bass

John Hanks – drums

From the Tramp Records website: Tramp Records is one of Germany’s tiniest but funkiest record labels. We release new bands, but also re-issue quality (not necessarily rare) funk, soul, jazz, folk and afro beat too.


Count the Years

Artist, Ensemble: Claudia Kaplan
I’m Playing: bass, cello
Record Label:
Release Date: 2012



Wild Places

Artist, Ensemble: Eric Bannan
I’m Playing: bass
Record Label:
Release Date: 2012


“This recording represents 7 years of living boiled down into 10 songs.”


Contented Minds

Artist, Ensemble: Cucanandy
I’m Playing: bass
Record Label: Milky Way Music
Release Date: 2001


Songs, tunes and percussive dance from Celtic traditions


Backin’ to the ’50s Vol 1

Artist, Ensemble: John Golden and Martin Garrish
I’m Playing: bass
Record Label: Soundside
Release Date: 2010


with John Golden and Martin Garrish