Search for Wild Horses

I’m intrigued by search engines and what people search for on the internet and, in particular, how people arrive at my sites. I recently moved this site to a new server and totally restructured the content and did not put up a lot of the content I had at the old site so in monitoring the error logs to make sure everything was running well I would see all the “file not found” errors that people were getting because the search engines still had old content listed that was not on the new site or was in a different location. A month ago I started getting a huge number of hits from people who had searched for “mom’s videos”. I used to have a very silly little video we made at my mother’s birthday party up at the old site. It was called “Mom’s Video” One week I had over 300 file-not-found errors for that file. They came from all over the world. Curious to see why that was such a popular search term I ran the search myself and – well – it turns out the “mom’s videos” is a popular keyword for pron sites (you know what I mean). Sigh.

OK – well, I’m getting less hits for that though there are still a few but the next most popular one is “Wild Horses”. I used to have up a live recording of our jazz group – the Bernie Petteway Trio – playing the popular Stones tune – “Wild Horses” and it seems like this one is legit. Folks from all over the world are searching for mp3’s of that song (oh, probably not our specific version of it….). It seems to be especially popular in India. So, back by popular demand is the Bernie Petteway Trio (Bernie Petteway – guitar, Ed Butler – drums, Robbie Link – bass) playing Wild Horses. (oh, yeah, we’ll be at the Pittsboro General Store Cafe Thurday Aug. 3rd)

Wild Horses Live