Social Networking

Always interested in social networking and the various platforms that appear/disappear regularly.

There is always Facebook which most people have a love/hate relationship with. You hate so much about it but everyone you know is on it. It seems like every musician I’ve ever played with is on Facebook and has found me there.  As of this writing I have over 1,000 FB friends and at least 90% of them are musicians. I post there sporadically and I am robbielink.

Twitter, of course. Useful especially for quick info on unfolding events. I subscribe to various state feeds relating to travel conditions as well as news outlets and a handful of interesting people. I do NOT subscribe to Herr Fake President’s feed. I am @robbielink.

Google + – I follow a lot of tech feeds there. +robbielink

Mastodon – Now this is interesting. A “federated” social network similar to Twitter. Wikipedia article.  Just joined this to try it out. @robbielink on (a Mastodon instance). From another instance you would find me as 

And another “federated” network more similar to Facebook. Diaspora, like Mastodon, is open source and users can join an existing instance or create their own server. All instances can talk to each other. (I’m no longer on this one)

New kid on the block taking over the FB crowd – Minds. Very interesting but not for the faint-of-heart. No censorship there.