Instruments Taught

I teach all levels and types of music and technique on:

Double Bass (bass, contrabass, string bass, upright bass, acoustic bass or whatever else you want to call it)

Electric Bass Guitar (for students wishing to fully learn and explore the instrument and music. I do not teach “rock licks”)

Viola da Gamba


Cello (beginning to intermediate levels).

I also teach general music theory, reading, musicality, and improvisation – suitable for all instruments.

All ages (young or old) and levels are welcome. I prefer not to start cellists younger than age 7 and bassists younger than age 10 though exceptions have been and will be made. Adult beginners don’t be shy! It’s never too late to start and I love working with beginners!

Ensemble Coaching – I always encourage students to participate in ensembles. Feel free to bring a friend or two to a lesson for help and suggestions on pieces you would like to play together. Ensemble coaching is available for all types of small groups either in my studio or at your location.