Tempeh Girl

I like supporting local business and products and especially when it comes to food. I think “eating locally” makes sound environmental sense. So I was happy to read in the Independent (our local weekly) about Tempeh Girl tempeh – made in Hillsborough just up the road from me. I’m not a vegetarian but I do love some good tempeh from time to time. I’ve had wonderful barbecue tempeh at The Pig (great eating there!) and it turns out they use Tempeh Girl tempeh, too! 

She’s not got it going retail yet in stores – mostly to businesses but she’ll sell you 5 pounds fresh or frozen if you drop her a note on her website. She’s got recipes there, too. I’ve been buying the (pasteurized) tempeh they sell at Whole Foods and Weaver Street Market but I can say that the Tempeh Girl’s tempeh is much better. It’s very light with a delicate flavor and absorbs marinades and seasonings well. She also started making tempeh “bacon” which I got to sample and it’s delicious. Holds together well in the pan, too, unlike some I’ve tried in the past.

So here’s wishing Beth great success in her new business. Support local artists, local farmers and food artisans!