Things that push me over the edge

The news depresses me daily – needless violence, death, destruction, the war and how we got there, the ugly, greedy people that run the country, the people that voted for them, the flickering environment, the dying arts – every day there’s one or ten more news items that just push me deeper and deeper. But you do get a little numb to it all. And then suddenly one thing on the front page hits every button imaginable – kind of sums up the whole picture. Our prized local paper, here – I don’t even want to give them a mention but they’re out of Raleigh, NC – on Saturday’s front page – FRONT PAGE! – On the front page of the paper!!!! – had to tell us about a nifty new product that is sure to be a success. You can now buy spray-on mud for your SUV. For all you urbanites with gas guzzling 4 wheel drive monsters you can now tell the world that you’re really macho at heart and really doing the rough stuff. Buy some spray-on mud for the Hummer so we don’t think you only use it to go to the grocery store. I really, really feel sick right now. Time to take a break from the news….