Trio Medieval

So little time – so much to do. Just wanted to write about a things things from the weekend. Except that the weekend referred to here was several weekends ago – like maybe even over a month. I had wanted to write about the Trio Medieval concert at Duke Chapel while it was fresh in my mind and ears but so much has happened including 3 days at Merlefest (more about that later!) and I think all the bluegrass purged my mind of everything else. I do remember that hypnotic feeling of hearing these three beautiful voices in the chapel. There is not much music that works well in that room but the echoes made their three separate voices into something almost unhuman but totally soothing and beautiful. From where we sat fairly close to the front I could not tell which sound was coming from which body at any time they blended so well. I also remember the young woman sitting behind us who fidgeted with her very noisy jewelry the entire first half. At the intermission she exclaimed “I’m so bored!” and I realized she was probably a student there on class assignment. It always amazes me that many people don’t know how to listen to music – that the stiller you sit and the deeper you listen the more you hear and it is all so interesting. My favorite moments where when the three voices clearly sounded like four – sometimes the fourth voice was higher than the others and sometimes it was almost a bass voice. Anyway – weeks later that’s my brief music report….