Ebeth Scott-Sinclair – Art, Poetry and Music

March 3, 2019 2:30 pm

Welcoming the suggestions of springtime, we are so very pleased to welcome our friend Ebeth Scott-Sinclair as she debuts her contemporary mixed media paintings and experimental art from Studio E, the home for her creative practice.  Layering, sgrattito, brilliant color, texture, free-form and defined shapes, movement and mark-making are characteristics of her work. Visit her website for more information…

Expressing herself as a contemporary artist, poet, and singer/songwriter, Ebeth is fascinated and driven by the exploration (curiosity) and experimentation (play) of the creative process.  Her visual exhibitions, poetry readings, and vocal performances invite personal interpretation, imagination and reflection. Her work has been contracted by businesses and nonprofits, featured in magazines, books, and journals and represented by galleries in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Her visual art and reading of her poetry will inspire musical response from mahaloJazz (Alison Weiner, piano, melodica, vocals • Robbie Link, bass • Beverly Botsford, percussion • special guest Jay Miller, tenor sax)

doors open at 2:00p for schmoozing with everyone; performance will begin at 2:30p

a suggested offering of $20-$25 will be gratefully received at the gathering

studio events are generally email and word-of-mouth invitation-only.
for more info, RSVP, driving and parking directions visit the Say Hey page

space is limited so PLEASE consider your RSVP a commitment
as it will guarantee you a seat
if life gets in the way and you are not able to attend,
please email or text Alison at 919.928.6886 ASAP

Ensemble:  Mahalo Jazz – Alison Weiner

Venue:  Studio Mahalo