Galant, Sturm, und Drang

Presenting colorful and expressive orchestral works by CPE Bach, Cambini, Clementi, and Kraus.

Come experience the fire, emotion, and joy of rarely heard orchestral composers of the Classical period. 

Music to include:
CPE Bach Symphony F major
Muzio Clementi Symphony Bb, Op 18
Giuseppe Cambini Grand Symphony in E minor
Joseph Martin Kraus symphony D major VB 143

Allison Willet, David Wilson, Gabriel Richard, Matvey Lapin, Janelle Davis, and Andy Bonner: violins
Joey O’Donnell, Suzanne Rousso, and Marta Howard: violas
Sarah Wines, Chris Nunnally, Lisa Liske: cellos
Robbie Link: violone
Kelly Nivison, Chuck Wines: traverso
Sarah Schilling, Will Thauer: oboes
Kelsey Schilling: bassoon
Chris Caudill and Rachel Niketopoulos, horns
Jennifer Streeter: harpsichord

February 18, 2024 4:00 pm Venue: First Presbyterian Church – Raleigh