St. John Passion

April 14, 2019 4:00 pm

Bach: St. John Passion

In 1851, composer Robert Schumann undertook a revival of Bach’s St. John Passion which he described as “bold and poetic.” As Mozart did with Messiah, and Mendelssohn with the St. Matthew Passion, Schumann replaced Baroque instruments with more modern alternatives; fortepiano, cello, and bass feature prominently in the recitatives and telling of the Passion narrative. In this concert, the Duke Evensong Singers, along with soloists and orchestra, perform Schumann’s edition of St. John Passion, under the direction of Mr. Christopher Jacobson, FRCO, the chapel’s organist.

Purchase tickets from the Duke Box Office online or by calling 919-684-4444.

Ensemble:  Duke Evensong Singers

Venue:  Duke University Chapel