Women’s Voices Concert – “Song of the Universal”

Women’s Voices Concert – “Song of the Universal”
January 21, 2018

Come, said the Muse,
Sing me a song no poet has yet chanted,
Sing me the Universal.

Our winter concert takes its title from the Walt Whitman poem, beautifully set above soaring violins and piano by Norwegian composer Ola Gjeilo. Join us as we explore both the heights and depths of humanity, from Whitman’s unabashed optimism to Veljo Tormis’s dark warning about the evils of war and unchecked technology in “Curse Upon Iron.” Also featuring Vivaldi and contemporary composers Abbie Betinis and Gwyneth Walker, plus string orchestra.

Tickets are $17 for adults and $7 for students. To purchase advance tickets online, please visit our Square store. All tickets purchased online will be available for pickup at the ticket table in the lobby on the day of the concert.

Free childcare will be provided at the concert, though space is limited. Send the names and ages of children needing care to contact@womensvoiceschorus.org.