The Station

The Station is a historic landmark older even than the name “Carrboro.” Built in 1882, it was the focal point of the town–then called West End. The space, which originally housed the local train depot, also holds a place in music history: Elizabeth Cotton was inspired to write her famous folk song, Freight Train, in the early 1900s as tribute to the trains that stopped in Carrboro, which she could hear at night from the bedroom of her childhood home. It’s also the location that R. E. M. chose to play their first show outside of their home state of Georgia in 1980. In the past century, the space has been home to an assortment of businesses, only to come full circle back to its musical beginnings.

Our plan for The Station is to celebrate the musical moments that it’s been built on and host our own events for the history books. We are upgrading the sound, lighting, and acoustic treatments in the room so we can offer professionally-run and intimate shows in a unique space, that feels and sounds good, where bands and fans can get up-close-and-personal. We will also be offering ten beers on draught, craft cocktails made with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, and a unique selection of house-made Bloody Marys.

Please note the the Saturday Jazz Programs are during “All Ages Hours” so guests under 21 are welcome to attend until 5:00 PM

The Station
201 East Main St
Carrboro, North Carolina 27510