Don’t Get Me Started

It’s too late. I’ve started. Upcoming rants and raves have started brewing in my head. I’m a slow writer – it can take me hours to do a post. Things that keep me up at 3:00 – the fretting hour:

  • Freelancing and Contractors – fear and loathing in the music world. No, I’m not going to rewrite Blair’s Book but I’ve got a few thoughts about this.
  • When is it time to get out of the way of the “hot, young players”? (and when did I get so old?)
  • How do you figure out when you’re wearing too many hats and starting to not look good in any of them? Focusing on a career instead of being jack of all trades, master of none.
  • Is the pencil mightier than the computer? When a fascination with technology gets in the way of creativity and productivity.
  • Floods of memories about places and people not thought of in years when an old friend finds you on the net.

OK. I’ve dared myself. Stay tuned. But time is scarce so don’t hold your breath. Give me a year or so.