Winter Solstice :: Angela Winter / Ruffin McCoy

Winter Solstice :: Angela Winter / Ruffin McCoy
December 21, 2019

On the longest night of the year, we gather to celebrate the return of the light. Strange angels are bending near the earth—can you hear them? Join us for an evening of music, merriment, and moments of shine. Many gifts await.

* Angela Winter creates songs about beauty and death, like you might hear at a Renaissance fair during the apocalypse. Minimalist, lute-like ukulele meets otherworldly vocals, shimmering guitars, drones, overtones, and witchery. Winter’s debut album, Hollow, explores themes of mysticism and myth, loss and letting go—and the space that opens after a release, which allows something new to be born. Tonight she will debut several songs from her second album, Frost, a snow-and-ice baby due out in 2020.

* Ruffin McCoy paints otherworldly soundscapes on an 8-string classical guitar, contrasting beauty with dissonance, strength with gentleness, and minimalism with metal. He has developed a style of throat singing that evokes echoes of Himalayan mountain ranges, though it is utterly his own.

* This is a donation-based show; please contribute what you can and support local music. We’ll have gifts for you. Come celebrate the holidays with us!