A Different Shade of Blue

Artist, Ensemble: Lenny Marcus Trio
I’m Playing: Bass
Record Label: LJM
Release Date: 1997
Website: http://www.lennymarcusmusic.com/


The second album, features the magnificent guitar work of the late Charlie Byrd.

Lenny Marcus: Piano, Vocals
Robbie Link: Bass
Peter Ingram: Drums
with guest Artist: Charlie Byrd (1925-1999): Guitar

Review from Cadence Magazine:

“The trio performances in A Different Shade of Blue range from the driving uptempo swing of Spirit to ballads like Lullaby for Helene. In performances like Planting Flowers, Marcus resembles Keith Jarrett at his most trite and commercial, but fortunately this is not a consistent failing. Guest artist Byrd’s acoustic guitar is present in quartet performances of Once I Loved, Boo’s Blues, Have you met Miss Jones, and Shades, while the first Night Theme features him in a duet with Marcus. Boo’s Blues is actually Mercer Ellington’s Things Ain’t What They Used To Be.

“One of the strong attractions of an above average session is the solo space given to Robbie Link’s bass in In a Sentimental Mood, Spontaneous, Mother’s Day, Have you met Miss Jones, and Backstage Blues, while his sonorous arco style steals the show in Lullaby for Helene, and the final Night Time duet. While Byrd completists will obviously want this one, he’s simply an added attraction rather than an essential part of this trio’s music.”

David Lewis

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