Singing for Snorers

Singing for Snorers was featured on NPR this morning. Oh, the muscles we never think about exercising and the unforseen consequences of a flabby soft palate. This makes sense and the exercises would probably be helpful for anyone who has to do a lot of speaking, too. I see more employment for voice teachers. So if your spouse suggests that your shower performance could use a little tweaking and buys you some voice lessons there may be an ulterior motive.


Singing for Snorers says:
August 8th, 2005 at 5:36 pm

Hi there, I’m Alise Ojay the person who created “Singing for Snorers”. I found this link because people have been coming to my website from here. I just want to correct the sound you’ve all been singing! What I sang on NPR was “uNg-gah” (not “umgah”)- that “Ung” sound gets the soft palate right down onto the back of the tongue before the “gah” sound lifts it up, maximising the movement of the soft palate up and down. Cheers.