Lesson Fees

  This is actually a great time to be taking lessons! Plenty of time at home, we all need music to cheer us up. And we all need something productive to do that feels good and makes others feel good. Online lessons are working out very well – it only took a few weeks for

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About Lessons

My first teaching experience, other than helping out friends along the way, was in 1976 at the Wilmington Music School in Wilmington, DE. I was fresh out of college and among my first students was a teenage girl who wanted to play electric bass in a rock band and a 76 year old jazz player

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Instruments Taught

I teach all levels and types of music and technique on: Double Bass (bass, contrabass, string bass, upright bass, acoustic bass or whatever else you want to call it) Electric Bass Guitar (for students wishing to fully learn and explore the instrument and music. I do not teach “rock licks”) Viola da Gamba Violone Cello

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Singing for Snorers

Singing for Snorers was featured on NPR this morning. Oh, the muscles we never think about exercising and the unforseen consequences of a flabby soft palate. This makes sense and the exercises would probably be helpful for anyone who has to do a lot of speaking, too. I see more employment for voice teachers. So

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