Robbie Link

Robbie Link

Musician – Performer, instructor

My New Favorite Band Name

Durham based Killer Sheep win the prize. Unfortunately they are not the first to use that name but it’s a good one. Apparently no website yet but the link is to a Facebook event they posted.

Tempeh Girl

I like supporting local business and products and especially when it comes to food. I think “eating locally” makes sound environmental sense. So I was happy to read in the Independent (our local weekly) about Tempeh Girl tempeh – made in Hillsborough j …

A Cappella?

I like this page’s explanation of the various spellings/usages of the term that traditionally means to sing unaccompanied by instruments.¬†

About Tech

I have been a closet geek ever since getting in trouble for taking apart the family lawn mower and, uh, well, not exactly fixing it so it would run again. But I DID get the broken washing machine running again not too long after that. I remember gettin …

MS Society Historic New Bern Bike Tour Ride Report 2011

My 5th year riding to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This year I rode a total of 180 miles in 2 days and 27 donors gave over $1100 to support my effort. Overall there were over 2400 riders in this event raising about 1.6 million dollars (total figures not in yet) to help find a cure for and to directly support the over 5200 people in our part of the state who are living with MS. Some of these people are close friends and many we have come to know from doing these yearly rides.

Message of the Day

No one saves us but ourselves.