USB sound in Ubuntu – automatically selecting a USB audio device when it is plugged in

Sometimes you run into a problem and do a Google search and up pops a solution that instantly solves your problem. This is what happened when I realized that I didn’t know how to switch my sound input and output from the computer microphone and attached speakers to a USB headset that I wanted to be able to sometimes use. I was messing around with various software settings every time I needed to make the switch.

Thankfully, Stephen Ostermiller had this same problem in Ubuntu 13.04 and wrote a script that automatically switches your input and output to the USB headset when you plug it in and turns off the default microphone and speakers. You can read about it here:

Thanks, Stephen!

State of the Art….

“My Song Got Played On Pandora 1 Million Times and All I Got Was $16.89, Less Than What I Make From a Single T-Shirt Sale!”

I should note that while this article points out how these Internet music streaming services are run on the backs of the artists, the comparison to the fees paid by over the air broadcast companies is not fair as one “play” on Pandora or other streaming services only reaches one listener while one “play” on a radio station can reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.

More interesting reading on this subject:

Sasha Frere-Jones in the New Yorker – A not very well written overview but pulls in thoughts and ideas from many other folks and is the source for the next few links here.

Damon Krukowski on Pitchfork – Good overview of how the money breaks down and where it’s not going. Love this quote:

“As businesses, Pandora and Spotify are divorced from music. To me, it’s a short logical step to observe that they are doing nothing for the business of music– except undermining the simple cottage industry of pressing ideas onto vinyl, and selling them for more than they cost to manufacture.”

Charles Arthur in The Guardian writes about Thom Yorke’s (Radiohead) decision to pull his songs from Spotify and Spotify’s response.

Great infographics on where the money goes from the Future of Music Coalition

Never Did Like Kenny G.

Saw an interesting story about a fund raiser for feeding hungry folks in the Northwest part of the country. They used Kenny G’s name, which, of course got them in a little trouble but the story is great – you can read it here:

and in the comments section was a reference to another article where Pat Metheny gives his opinion of Kenny G which makes for a really interesting read, especially starting around the 10th paragraph. Sure matched my sentiments…

Pat Metheny on Kenny G. –


The 5:00 AM Thought of the Day

God has no ego. Only man has an ego which is what totally separates him from God. When you tell me something is an offense to God, what you are really telling me is that your ego finds it offensive. God is all seeing/all knowing and takes offense at nothing. Christians, Muslims, Jews take note: Stop your ridiculous bickering and senseless killing in the name of God.

World’s First All Bass Radio Station!

Brian Bromberg has set up an Internet radio station that plays all music by bassists from all genres. Bass on the Broadband has an excellent web based player but you can also stream through your favorite player on your computer. Upcoming shows will include Classical Showcase on Sundays. This weekly internet radio broadcast solely for the classical double bass will reach all corners of the world featuring the leading artists of our time, legends, young stars, competition winners and many more. In collaboration with the Bradetich Foundation.

Bass On the Broadband is the brain-child of Brian Bromberg, Grammy award winning electric bassist. His radio broadcasts currently run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week focusing primarily on electric bass and jazz upright styles. The Bradetich Foundation Classical Showcase will integrate classical bass into the programming and will air on Sundays from 9-12 Eastern time. The shows will also be podcast so that they can be replayed at any time. The podcasts, playlists for future broadcasts and information on how to submit CD’s for possible broadcast will be available from