Robbie Link

Robbie Link

Musician – Performer, instructor

Resistance is futile

I remember this book from when I was young (the original version) and have to say I like this update much more! My Little Golden Book about God  

seeing the moon

this from friend Sue – she thinks it’s an old saying: “My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon.”

Morning Fog

The radio says dense fog this morning. Of course they live in a building with no windows but there probably is fog somewhere. We just don’t get it here. The light just gets softened a little – a bit more filtration. Something about the lay of the land …

Google Maps

Google Maps Oh, I like this! Double click your area on the map to center it and then zoom about halfway in, recenter to find your area and zoom on in. You can drag the map to follow roads and find exactly what you’re looking for. Search for anything in …

Now I get it

It’s dawning on me why this is so hard. I mean, I used to love to write – journals, poetry, long letters, music. It’s the tools that get in the way. Writing with pen and paper makes it easy to express subtle meanings – the shape and size of the script, …

Message of the Day

No one saves us but ourselves.