Serenade to Music

This event (dead link) is going to be really fine. I have not heard the rest of the program but the Ralph Vaughan Williams “Serenade to Music” is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. If tonight’s rehearsal was any indication, it will also be one of the most beautiful performances […]

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Trio Medieval

So little time – so much to do. Just wanted to write about a things things from the weekend. Except that the weekend referred to here was several weekends ago – like maybe even over a month. I had wanted to write about the Trio Medieval concert at Duke Chapel while it was fresh in

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Bobby McFerrin at Duke

The always amazing Bobby McFerrin was at Duke last week. This was the second time I’d seen/heard him in concert. The first time must have been at least 15 years ago and I was so stunned by what seemed to me at the time to be just plain too much talent that I don’t think

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Unshackled Cello

Went to a wonderful – well, mostly wonderful – concert featuring Master Scottish Fiddler Alasdair Fraser and Juilliard cellist Natalie Haas. They were a perfect duo so clearly tuned in to each other. Great energy! And Natalie has got the Darol Anger “chops” thing down to a science. Who needs a percussionist? I’m still trying

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